Air Pollution Problem in India



There was a time when India was known for its great scenic beauty. But things are changing drastically and it should be a big concern.

There was a time when India was known for its great scenic beauty. Lush green forest, beautiful valleys, undulating hills, sparkling mountain streams, magnificent lakes and major rivers . Refreshing breeze, wide range of flora and fauna was a self -depiction of healthy India.

The great mountain ranges and rivers of India creates few of the most beautiful valleys of the world. Be it the Dal lake of Kashmir to the beaches of Kanyakumari, or the forest of Dooars to the dessert valley of Kutch all boasted of its fresh surrounding around. It was a beautiful synchronised India where each component of the ecosystem lives in perfect harmony.


The Present Heartbreaking Scenario in India


Presently be it newspapers, magazines , or blogs all hit and conclude at a common topic pollution. Be it the unhealthy smog of Delhi, or the increased percentage of carbon monoxide in the air of Kolkata, the traffic pollution in Bangalore or the water pollution in the beaches of Chennai the situation is definitely nerve-racking.

The rapid growth industrialisation is leading lots of environmental issues by its uncontrolled polluted emission.

Other reasons of pollutions in India are :

  • The destruction of forests
  • Emissions of vehicles
  • Land degradation due to use of poisonous insecticide for agriculture
  • Shortage of natural resources
  • Rampant burning of wood fuel and many more.

Pollution is the main reason to lead lots of disease, health issue and long term livelihood impact. In this 21st century with the advancement of technology and fast pace of life, all are bothered about time and efficiency.

Least are we worried about our activities effecting the environment adversely. And the end result is at our hand.

We are surviving in a polluted ecosystem : be it water, air or land. Air pollution forming an integral cause for concern. Life is breathing. Breathing is done through the medium of air. Hence “Life is in Air”.? Air forms the basic building blocks on the surface of the earth.

Just as we were taught in elementary school, trees use photosynthesis to turn carbondioxide into oxygen that we need to breathe. In just one year, the presence of trees saved 850 lives and prevented 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms.

Trees remove pollution from air, making it healthier for us to take it in our lungs.

According to research, the fresh air created by trees is especially beneficial to those living in urban areas, where air is more heavily polluted. Air Pollution can create some major health problems. Highly polluted air has been shown to cause a burning effect in eyes, nose and throats.

Polluted air makes it harder for those with asthma to breathe.

Some toxic chemicals that can live in air like benzene and vinyl chloride are highly toxic. They even cause cancer, birth effects, long term injury to lungs, as well as brain and nerve damage. Breathing fresh air that plants produce lowers the chances of coming into contact with these scary pollutants.

“Pollution Should Never Be the Price of Prosperity.”

Al Gore

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